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Hausbrandt Coffee in the UK
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The History of Hausbrandt

Hausbrandt Coffee has a great history, roasting coffee since 1892 and a wonderful heritage right at the heart of the Italian coffee roasting industry in Trieste, Italy.

Hermann Hausbrandt was one of the first real artisan coffee roasters, able to deliver the very highest quality coffee while maintaining a level of consistency and freshness never before achieved.

At Hausbrandt, quality is the key, so they are selective about who they chose to sell their coffee.

Early advertising by Hausbrandt Trieste
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A partnership
us and you

Hausbrandt HH and Hausbrandt Espresso Coffee Beans

We distribute Hausbrandt Coffee in the UK - which will help you increase your coffee sales...

  • Provide the highest quality Hausbrandt Coffee - proven with over 120 years of experience, and over 600 million espresso coffees sold each year
  • Introduce an approved Barista training program for your staff
  • Provide discounted service and maintenance, whatever espresso machine you use
  • Support you with the point on sale and marketing materials relevant to your business
  • Work with you to promote your coffee business locally
  • Help you present the quality and passion for your coffee to your customers
  • Give you menu support and advice
  • Help you sell more coffee and make you more profitable...
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NB: the above is dependent on regular coffee purchases and correctly maintained espresso machines

The best coffee deserves the best equipment

When you choose to serve one of the best coffees in the world you must ensure you are using the best espresso equipment to achieve the perfect espresso...

Izzo Pompeii 3 Group Lever Espresso Machine

You've heard of "pulling a shot" - well this is where is comes from.

We can supply this espresso machine as part of a package, including your regular supplies of Hausbrandt coffee...

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